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Buy your domain and hosting online in real time, it is set up in minutes and start building your website immediately, quickly and easily at low cost using our free tools - online web builder, templates, clipart and stock photos with expert help available if needed.

The Complete Web Service everything done for you - Bespoke Designs, Online Forms, E‑Commerce - Auto‑Responders - Revamps, Maintenance & Updates - Help & Tuition.

A choose your domain
B choose hosting size
C design your site Our new DIY web service for those who wish to build their own website. You have your own Control Panel where you can build, install, setup and control all aspects of your website, emails and FTP. There are 500+ templates, 100,000 photos and clipart, special scripts to enhance your site plus our special online Web Builder. All this gives you the benefit that you have full control over your website without relying on others together with a great saving on the cost. For details of our different hosting packages click here

Web Builder benefits are that you do not need to know or understand HTML coding.  All you have to do just select the design you like then follow the on screen instructions one by one, previewing your site as you go. When happy with your design save and then your website will be live. Our advise for your first website keep it simple - just get your web presence online and get use to the tools and build up your confidence. At a later date you can go back and improve or update it.

Help is provided by extensive online database, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and help pages. If all else fails email our support team or if you wish our design team at 1stopwebs can take over and finish the site for you.

60 day Money Back Guarantee - We are so confident that you will be happy with our hosting service we able to give you this guarantee.
Please do double check the spelling of your domain as domain registration bodies do not allow changes or refunds. You own the domain and you are free to transfer or forward to another hosting provider, you do this is by using your own domain control panel.  

So why wait, what have you got to lose?  Questions? Please email me at or telephone +441708 507857

A Type in the Domain you would like in the "Domain Search" box and click "Go" button. The next page will display all available names. Just select the ones you like then click "Add Domains to Basket". The next page gives the option to add more domains to your list. You can add as many as you wish to get the best suitable domain for your site. At the checkout stage remove the unwanted domains. If and .com is available register both, this will will stop anybody else registering the domain also this. The additional domain(s) can be forwarded to your main site you do not need additional hosting unless you require different content on each site.  
TIP: if your preferred domain is not available try adding a hyphen, number or a word ie., one-stop, shop4u, or -online.
B The next stage is to choose the hosting package. The storage space is how much you can put on your site. Text takes very little space most of the space will be used by pictures/graphics. For example; 20 images of 5kbytes  would take 1MB.
Do you need databases? Not need by most sites. But will be needed for shopping carts, guest books, forums etc.
TIP: If you are unsure what you need - you can always upgrade when you expand or add extra features.
C Now for the interesting part - what are you going to put on your site? If you are new to all this - start simple then when you gain experience and expertise then elaborate. Plan it out - use pen and paper or word. Just put your thoughts down then elaborate and build on them later. The layout of your site out will depend on your business. Example, start with "Home Page" - intro to your business and mission statement. "About Us or profile page" normally about the company or yourselves. Your "Services or Items for sale" - this can be one page or subpages from this page depending on the number of services or items. And most important the contact page! Try the online Web Builder. This will get you a site running quickly. You can add or change it later. First thing is to get your web presence working.
TIP: Don't be afraid to experiment.  Use the backup on your control panel, so that if you do not like your improvement you can restore the old version. Happy webbing you can always fall back on our professional services if for any reason you cannot complete your site. First we will discuss on a one to one basis your business, your aims and what you expect from your website. We can either use the domain and hosting you already own or set these up for you, design the graphics and publishing your site. Afterwards we can either maintain and update your site or show you how to do this yourself. The benefits to you is that your website is running quicker and you can keep your focus on running your business. Do you need a broadband connection to www (internet).  Broadcall: a award-winning package combining high-speed broadband and low-cost calls including Line rental and free connection - from only £19.99 a month. Other utility services like Energy: (Gas and Electricity) with unique "Triple Value" Guarantee gives you peace of mind - you'll always get a good deal with the convenience of just one monthly bill plus award-winning UK-based customer service. Most clients find they benefit by saving their time and costs together with an excellent service. - Our original "one stop" service formed in 1973 under the banner of "Printing Services" as it's name implies gives a complete service in all aspects of printing.

Any questions or for more information on any of the above? Please email me at