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IF YOU REQUIRE EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU email: bob@1stopwebs.co.uk

SALES ENQUIRIES ONLY email: admin@1stophosting.org.uk

PROBLEMS WITH THIS SITE email: webmaster@1stophosting.org.uk

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First search our Support Database, we have listed answers to the most frequently asked questions below. We are constantly updating the database so please check here before you contact customer services.


If the answer is not there please contact support   


with full details of the problem and we will look in to it as soon as possible.



Create your own website... You need 3 things -
1 Domain Name, 2 Hosting Space  & 3 Site Design
I have simplified the process as much as possible

... just follow the instructions step by step

First obtain your domain name and your hosting space. I have created a Flash interactive instructions showing how easy this is to do. I have used actual screen shots with superimposed instructions which you will find easy to follow. I would welcome your feedback on how easy you found this to follow and any areas or items that you require help on. To minimise the download time I have split them into sections making it easy to revise on a particular subject.
I will be adding new items that people request.

Obtaining your Domain and Hosting Space

Build your site with our Online WebBuilder

Just simply follow the step by step instructions, filling in the forms presented. You can pre-view and make any changes your require. When publish your site will become live and viewable by anyone entering your domain name. Even after going live changes can be made at any time. This shows just how easy it is to build yourself a web site using our online WebBuilder without any technical knowledge.

You can always add, delete or change pages at a later date.

You can make up to 5 backups.
I recommend that you always backup your site before you make any changes in case your changes do not have the desired effect and wish to undo these changes. You can have site setup for Christmas and after Christmas save the site for the next Christmas while having a different site for the rest of the year for example.

The online WebBuilder

Login to direct to eXtend Control Panel or to the Customer Centre

You have two logins
1. Direct to your eXtend Control Panel, from here you control your website and emails. This is the most used login, it bypasses the Customer Control Centre. 
2. Login to your Customer Centre to change your address, contact email or any other account details.
Buy additional domains or add-ons, renew your domain or hosting services.

How to Login